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At Australian Farming Company we strive to provide premium quality tractor implements to our customers at a price that represents excellent value for money. We specialize in Rotary Hoes , Single row bed former attachment , Power harrows and Blades , from Wecan Global.

Wecan Global Co Ltd is a South Korean manufacturer of premium quality gear driven mulchers, rotary hoes & power harrows in single rotor and hydraulic folding options - all series represent excellent value for money. Wecan Global use the most advanced manufacturing equipment and are dedicated to introducing technology not seen anywhere else in the world. Wecan Global implements have a proven history in our country with over 6 years working reliably in Australian conditions. You can be confident when purchasing Wecan Global.




24 Diagonal Road Pooraka SA 5095 P: 0412 844 597 or (08) 8262 3847